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Choose your Exclusive Prime Cuts, Straight from our Ranchers to You

USDA Prime Grade or Upper 2/3 Choice

Most Popular "Prime" Curated Boxes

Each one of our Bundles has been Proven to be Customer Favorites

The Art of A5 Japanese Wagyu

Japanese Wagyu Literally Melts in Your Mouth

A5 Wagyu has Marvelous Marbling throughout the Beef that Makes for the Most Flavorsome Experience

Most Popular Rancher’s Prime Curated Boxes

Our artisan family ranches in Texas and Kansas are able to work together to send you the most flavorful, tender steaks, beef, chicken and pork available today. You can get a taste of these hand-selected, succulent meats today.

Consistent Quality that Never Falters

U.S.D.A. Prime Grade Steaks

  • Specializing in U.S.D.A. Prime Grade
  • Most of the beef you receive from us will be Prime Grade, and we guarantee you will taste the difference

Japanese Wagyu

  • Experience unimaginable flavorful
  • You cannot help but chew slowly and savor every moment, regardless of how many times you have had it before

Black Angus Beef

  • Beef sourced only from Black Angus
  • This is the cream of the crop of cattle that is proven to provide the best marbling and taste

Heritage Bred Berkshire Pork

  • Using only pedigreed heritage pork
  • Berkshire pork is a relatively rare type of pork known for its high quality and distinctive, rich flavor


  • “No antibiotics ever.” Sounds straightforward. It’s not. Discover the truth about antibiotics, and see why our standards rise above the rest.
  • ITH A SINGLE BITE, you’ll understand why we call it “The Excellent Chicken.” From humane animal welfare to our 100% Air Chilled method, everything we do adds up to healthier, more flavorful food. No antibiotics. No added water. No junk.

"My wife and I are steak snobs. The steaks we had from Rancher’s Prime were so tender and juicy, it almost melts in your mouth. We can’t wait to be able to order more.”
Brad Beuke & Kim Lanz
“The best meat I’ve ever tasted in my life.”
“Rancher’s Prime steaks are unlike any other. First, the taste is delicious! I think the great marbling leads to the tenderness we enjoyed. Absolutely perfect!”
Steve and Sarah Swanston
These steaks are amazing! Better than restaurant quality off your own grill. The ribeyes are marbled like wagyu!!
Chris S.
Best damn steak I’ve ever eaten!!! The entire family loved them !!! Over the top !!! Can’t wait to order again!! You won’t be disappointed with Rancher’s Prime !!
Tim S.
I purchased the small beef and pork box for my family to try. It has been impressive to say the least. Excellent top notch cuts that cook up to perfection and taste amazing. The shipping and packaging was shown to be with care that my box would arrive frozen. Great experience and I will be ordering again.
Cheryl C.
We were absolutely wowed by our Rancher's Prime box! The strips were the first steaks we prepared, and they were without question the best steaks we have ever had grace our grill. Next up were the filets. Again, incredibly tender and flavorful. Rancher's Prime delivers steak perfection. High-end restaurant-quality meat on YOUR grill. Every time!
David K.


Rancher’s Prime works with both Wagyu and Kobe beef farms, delivering the best steaks in the entire world to their customers.