Why Buy Heritage Pork

Do you know the type of pork you’re buying at the grocery store? Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) supply most of the meat Americans consume, and are most likely what you’re feeding your family. In most cases, the pigs raised in these operations are bred for efficiency not quality. Our Heritage bred pigs have true pedigree and are distinctly better than CAFO raised pigs for several reasons. Here’s why you should buy heritage pork, even if it’s a little pricier:

Better for You

Our pork products are exclusively heritage bred and are all raised naturally as part of our requirements for our ranchers.  When you buy heritage pork, you’re buying pork with higher pH levels, marbling, and fat which give it its rich flavor and is actually healthier for you! (Don’t be alarmed by the word “fat,” as the dominant fat in pork is monounsaturated fat – the same heart healthy fat found in avocado and olive oil.)

Aside from it tasting better, it’s typically better for you due to its higher levels of Vitamins E and D and other nutrients. This is not the case with CAFO pork, which is grown for efficiency and results in lean, tasteless, and dry meat. Their goal is to get them to grow faster by any means (often with artificial growth stimulates), to sell product faster, and make a profit faster. There’s no concern for the consumer past their pocketbook, which is why they don’t boast the same health benefits. If this wasn’t enough to convince you, there are still several more reasons to buy heritage pork.

Bone-in Porterhouse Chops

Better for Pigs

CAFO pigs have weakened immune systems and a low quality of life compared to heritage bred pork. Because heritage bred pigs are grown slowly and naturally, they develop stronger immune systems and better genetics. Industry expert Matthew Wadiak couldn’t have said it better: “we’ve incentivized the wrong qualities in big agriculture for the last seventy years.” Meaning, we’ve put the animal’s wellbeing low on the list, which is not only inhumane, but also endangers food safety and security on a global level. Healthier pigs stop the spread of infection to other species like CAFO pigs with weak immunity. By giving heritage pigs a better quality of life, we’re also ensuring that they’re equipped to fight off infection that we could potentially ingest. It’s important to buy heritage pork to advocate for better breeding, healthier pork, and better quality of life for both animal species and humans.

Better for the Environment, Public Health, and our Economy

The massive waste produced by CAFOs contaminates soil, pollutes the air, and affects our water quality. The EPA estimates that over 53% of people in the U.S. rely on groundwater resources for drinking water, and that water is being directly contaminated with waste as well as chemicals from CAFOs. The heavy use of antibiotics in CAFOs, due to weakened immune systems, is also worrisome because we are directly ingesting a range of antibiotics which increases the risk of antimicrobial resistance. In addition, many ranchers in the U.S. find it difficult to compete with CAFOs and earn a high income. They’re losing their ability to sell in the market, even though they are producing higher quality, better tasting meat.

Rancher’s Prime is dedicated to providing the highest quality meat, which is why only the best make the cut in our product selection. We’re giving farmers who raise meat naturally and sustainably more market share and setting better standards for American consumers. There is more behind the scenes as to why we advocate for consumers to buy heritage pork. Not only is it juicy, flavorful, tender, well-marbled, and prized by industry experts, it’s also better for the big picture of the meat industry.

We encourage you to buy heritage pork products and support American ranchers with holistic and humane standards for breeding. If you want to find quality pork at the grocery store, we recommend you look for labels with “heritage” or “heirloom” on the label and avoid claims like “natural” or “organic” pork.


Pork Tenderloin

Bone-in Rib Chop

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