Why Our Black Angus Cattle Produce High Quality Beef

If you were to compare our Black Angus cattle to a car, it would be like the Aston Martin of the livestock industry. Why? Well, just as an Aston Martin creates a great driving experience, our Black Angus cattle produce high quality beef to make a fine dining experience. While some cows make better milk, others make better meat, and our Angus ranks high among the meat industry because of the following characteristics.

Fat Distribution

Angus cattle are characteristic for their fat distribution; rather than carrying all of their fat in a thick outer layer, their fat is marbled and distributed throughout their body thinly and evenly. Well-marbled cuts give you tender, moist, and more flavorful beef. That’s why U.S.D.A. grades are based on marbling; high quality beef cuts have higher levels of marbling. Our cattle are bred to produce U.S.D.A Prime Grade beef, the highest merit you can achieve in the U.S.


Rancher’s Prime is able to provide consistency because of our seedstock methods in raising Black Angus cattle. Seedstock operators (a.k.a. breeders) continually improve the herd over generations, and our ranchers truly have bred the best of the best Black Angus cattle over years of selective breeding. Our ranchers have perfected their craft to meticulously breed high quality beef because they know how a cow’s genetics greatly impact flavor.


How the cattle are raised is also a very important factor that goes into producing high quality beef. That’s why we hold our ranchers to such strict standards in their methods of not only breeding livestock, but also raising it. Our Black Angus cattle are given the best feed, care, views, and more and are treated to the luxury life. Happy cows make for better tasting meat, which is why our ranchers give their livestock a stress-free life.

It’s important to note that although we provide some of the highest quality Black Angus beef, Angus beef in general can range in quality. That’s why you must consider the grade, price, and cut when purchasing anything labeled “Angus.” Luckily, with Rancher’s Prime, you don’t need to worry about doing quality checks on your meat. You can rest assured that you’re receiving the prime of the prime beef from our artisan ranchers.

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