Traceable Beef is only the Beginning

Our ranchers are in the top 1% of their industry for raising high quality cattle and pigs. They are the most elite and esteemed ranchers in the nation because of their dedication, knowledge, and artisanship. Our strict set of criteria, including traceable beef and pork, ensures that you receive unbeatable flavor and consistent quality with every bite. See how Rancher’s Prime sets the bar high when it comes to welcoming a ranch into the Prime family.

Award Winning Ranchers

Our ranchers have won numerous blind taste tests over the years with some of the top chefs and butchers in the world. Their breeding has also won many livestock competitions, including Grand Champion at the National Western Stock Show.

Our supply chain is solely made up of elite ranchers who meet or exceed these standards. By purchasing from us, you are not only tasting the best meat of your life, but you’re also supporting stewards of the land who have dedicated generations to providing you with the highest quality possible. Heritage breeding, open methods of raising, fully traceable beef and pork, and the extra steps they take at every stage of the process all contribute to the unbelievable flavor and tenderness they work to provide. We are proud of our elite network of ranchers for adhering to all of these strict protocols, and we hope you appreciate their craft as much as we do.

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