The Start of Rancher’s Prime

Heritage Beef & Pork Delivery

Our co-founder Carl is a born-and-raised Kansas country boy turned meat aficionado turned entrepreneur. Time and time again, he’s paid top dollar for subpar steak. Occasionally, he can find an excellent cut of meat, but even at his favorite steakhouses, they’ve fallen short. It wasn’t the chef, the seasoning, or the grill’s fault; it was simply the poor quality of the meat. He’d learned the hard way that exorbitant prices don’t guarantee you a great steak consistently. But, why not?

It turns out that even 5-star, world-renowned steakhouses are victims of the marketplace mentality. Price and profitability, not quality, often determine the selections they make. Compromise is the order of the day. So, where do those legendary steaks come from?

The rancher.

Carl set out on a mission and gathered an elite network of ranchers that met strict quality standards like traceability, heritage beef and pork breeding, and more. This was how Rancher’s Prime formed, giving you access to exclusive cuts while supporting stewards of the land.

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To give the public access to exclusive cuts of meat while supporting stewards of the land.

Giving You Access to Exclusive Cuts

Rancher’s Prime specializes in U.S.D.A. Prime Grade Beef as a leading supplier of high-end steaks, burgers, pork, and barbecue. With our network of ranchers, we’re able to deliver these exceptional cuts to your door month after month.

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Supporting Stewards of the Land

We’re helping ranchers modernize their distribution network by giving them the tools they need to outsource and deliver on a nationwide scale. Rancher’s Prime is also dedicated to giving back to stewards of the land through a partnership with the Farm Rescue Foundation. Each of our boxes donates a portion to their cause of helping our nation’s farmers and ranchers.

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Only the Best Make the Cut

Rancher’s Prime is dedicated to enforcing strict quality standards. Each of our ranchers either meet or exceed the following criteria to be part of our network.

– 100% Traceability
– Verified Heritage Beef and Pork
– No Use of Artificial Growth Hormones
– Specializing in U.S.D.A. Prime Grading
– Employing Humane Treatment
– Located in the United States

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“This idea started with a desire to support stewards of the land who didn’t have the manpower or the technology to distribute their product on a national scale. Now, everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor and appreciate the talent of these humble and hardworking Americans.”

Carl Ratner, Co-founder of Rancher’s Prime